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by Lynne Robertson on Dr. Ike's Pharmacy

Dr. Ike's is the best pharmacy I've ever done business with, bar none. The staff is all professional and courteous, and they will help you get done what needs to be done. It's a long drive for me, but it's worth it to do business with Dr. Ike and his staff. And when I just can't make the drive, this pharmacy DELIVERS, with no extra charge!

by Kim G. on Dr. Ike's Pharmacy

Ayk has been my pharmacist for many years. Prior to opening his own pharmacy he was a pharmacist at Long’s. It was there I noticed something unique – positive that set him apart from any other pharmacist I’d interacted with.

As an individual with sensitivities and allergies to many things, getting my medication needs met was often challenging for me and for my pharmacist. What sets Ayk apart is his breadth of knowledge, acceptance of each customer’s different make-up and genuinely caring about the people that walk through the door of his pharmacy. Ayk and his staff have a true commitment to customer service.

While Ayk was still working at Long’s he came out from behind the counter to help me select hydration products to make colonoscopy prep. easier for me to tolerate, taking into consideration ingredients I had to avoid.

When Ayk opened Dr. Ike’s Pharmacy it was evident he hired staff who genuinely cared about people, creating a friendly and very professional atmosphere.

I never thought I’d need to take advantage of the free delivery service Dr. Ike’s Pharmacy offers since I live nearby. However there have been a couple of times I was unable to pick up my medicine and having the medicine delivered so quickly made all the difference in resolving intolerable symptoms.

Ayk and his staff always answer medication questions and provide patient education. My family pharmacist provided that to our family as I was growing up. It’s a science and an art that has gone by the wayside. Not so at Dr. Ike’s Pharmacy.

If you have to decide between a large chain pharmacy or any other pharmacy there’s no decision. Dr. Ike’s Pharmacy wins hands down!

by Lindsay Hudson on Dr. Ike's Pharmacy

I went to 7 pharmacies on 7/10 and was unable to get my prescription filled. For some reason, none of them carried what I needed and I was told it would be a minimum of 7 business days to get it filled. My MD referred me to this pharmacy and it was filled the same day. DrIke's rocks! They have made a believer of me and I will be getting all of my prescriptions filled here in the future and will recommend them to my friends.

by Cori T. on Dr. Ike's Pharmacy
Best pharmacy in the valley!

Best pharmacy in the valley! Knowledgable staff that cares about their customers. After the big name pharmacies were constantly running out of my medication, my doctor recommended Dr. Ike's and I am so glad that he did. This is no mom and pop drugstore from back in the day, it is modern, fresh and offers a huge variety of vitamins, healthy shake mixes, detoxes and basically anything else you would need to keep your mind and body strong and healthy. The staff gets to know you on a first name basis and treats their customers with a level of courtesy that goes above and beyond. Dr. Ike's exemplifies what a pharmacy should be and puts his customers first.

  • This place is great! Everyone is friendly and you can tell they really care about you. They have amazingly low prices on everything, including vitamins, Tylenol, etc. The pharmacist actually called me one night to check on me after we had talked a few days before about my trip to the ER. The only drawback is that they are only open until 6:30pm M-F, 3:00pm on Saturday, and closed on Sunday, but I've never found this to be a problem.

    I will only get my meds from this pharmacy unless I move far away. They know me by name. Don't wait in line and deal with the frustration with big-name pharmacies that charge exorbitant prices on everything, and who make mistakes over and over. I ended up at Dr. Ike's because they could fill a specific medication for half of what Rite-Aid was charging, and then helped me discover that Rite-Aid owed me over $100 and had not been using my insurance! I immediately switched everything to here, and love them! You won't be disappointed!

    They are doing a customer appreciation thing right now, thru the end of July, and you can get $10 and $20 gift cards for transferring or rating on Yelp, and also gift cards to Starbucks!

    ~ Amanda B. via
  • Dr. Ike is the best! He's passionate about what he does and takes the time to actually pay attention and educate. I bought an at home allergy test through him but he administered and mailed it in for free. 🙂 Thank goodness considering it involved poking me with a needle for blood. He also took time to sit down (literally) and go over my results with me so I could actually comprehend and get some use out of it.I started filling scripts here as well. For what I get it's only a $1 more than CVS but with much better service. 🙂 I know they close early but it's not really a problem yet.FYI: Take the time to park in front or fill meter because you will get a ticket.
  • There is good reason for Dr. Ike's Pharmacy having an overall rating of 5 stars - because they are fantastic! The store is very neatly organized by health topics/concerns. The best part of my experience was the customer service I received. I came in with two specific concerns and the associate was very knowledgeable and offered some product suggestions. The products suggested were a high quality and at a reasonable price. I was also very pleased with the Yelp discounts available - I got a screaming deal! Oh yeah, and they had free samples (I am a total sucker for samples)! Pharmacy's don't get any better than this.

    ~ via