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Compounding is a special service that is offered by your pharmacist & doctor to make patient specific and unique formulations. Medications can be tailored to your specific health needs. For example, if you have a sprain or arthritis pain and do not want to deal with side effects and the damaging effects of long term anti-inflammatory medications; with your doctors approval, we can make a very effective topical formula that will ease your pain significantly and will not cause any side effects.


Your Choice

Multiple drug delivery methods are available including syringe, suppository, cream, capsule, liquid, lollipop, lip balm etc.


Working Together

We will work with your doctor to provide you with the most effective and cost conscious formulation.


Natural Supplements

Not only we can compound medications, but we can give you guidance in natural supplements that will make your treatment even more successful.

Talk to your doctor about some of our well known formulas which include

  • A healing and protective rinse for oral ulcers and canker sores
  • Very effective topical formulation for joint, back, muscle pain and nerve pain (neuropathy)
  • Cream for bruising, varicose veins,and muscle cramping
  • Natural/Bio-Identical hormone re-balancing
  • Scared of Dental Injections? We have the answer in a topical gel
  • Veterinary Compounds – your pets would love the way we make their medications

Most compounds are covered by your Health Insurance. We specialize in compounding of Pain Formulas, Veterinary Products, Bio-Identical Hormone Balance and other Hard to make formulations. Dr. Ike has received his Compounding Certification from USC School of pharmacy and BS in Biochemistry from UCLA. You can be certain that we test for stability, accuracy, effectiveness before our products reach to you.  Visit our pharmacy in Studio City to learn more.

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