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Detox Your Body

By drikerx on March 14, 2013 in Health Articles

detoxificationdetox your body

There’s a lot of confusion out there regarding detoxification. It’s my job to offer my patients a science based, effective option. Considering the typical American lifestyle bombards us daily with chemicals, pesticides and more and more processed foods, the question is no longer are you toxic? The real question is how toxic are you?

If you’re experiencing generalized muscle aches, difficulty concentrating, irritability, headache, abdominal pain, fatigue, weakness, food allergies or chemical sensitivities, then your body is telling you something. Daily life exposes us to a barrage of environmental toxins leading to health concerns in a variety of areas. Unfortunately, certain factors such as genetics, environmental exposure, and unhealthy diet and lifestyle can negatively affect how well the body excretes these toxins. This accumulation of toxic burden can lead to the symptoms I just mentioned. When your toxic load reaches its capacity then toxins have no other choice but to re-circulate into the blood as un-neutralized fat soluble toxins which will be stored in body tissues, fat, the brain and the nervous system which, in turn, lead to serious future disease.

The obvious next question is “What can I do about it?” First, reduce your exposure to toxins in your environment by using chemical free cleaning and pest control products in your home, attach filters to your shower heads, and avoid personal products with phthalates, parabens and 4-MBC. Second, reduce the toxins you ingest by choosing organic produce, free-range, hormone and anti-biotic free dairy, meats and eggs, as well as wild caught cold-water fish. Finally, normalize your body’s ability to process and excrete toxins through a metabolic detoxification program.

The metabolic detoxification process is energy dependent, which is where many fasting and juicing programs fall short as they can actually deprive your body of essential nutrients needed to support your detoxification process. The Clear Change Program by Metagenics provide a medical food (UltraClear Renew) and a supplement (AdvaClear) that utilize well researched nutrients, vitamins and herbs to balance and support your body’s own detoxification pathways. UltraClear Renew is formulated to support all three phases of detoxification (kidneys, liver and heavy metals) and support heavy metal excretion. No other formula can make this claim. The nutritional support will improve your liver’s ability to both neutralize and excrete the toxins that have been introduced to your body. Once the liver is operating efficiently you will be able to effectively neutralize and eliminate toxins which would otherwise be stored in body tissues causing systemic symptoms as well as future disease processes.

The Clear Change Program comes with an easy to follow nutritional program including daily menus and recipes that will temporarily reduce the amount of incoming toxins. This 10 day program is NOT calorically restrictive, which means you get to eat!! That’s right…NO FASTING!

Stop in to see me today and we’ll get you started with a questionnaire that will determine your current toxic load. Then you’ll be ready to experience the Clear Change which will reduce fatigue, increase your vitality and clear “Brain Fog” in just 10 days!