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For over 5000 years humans have been using natural treatments to heal, treat and control the various ailments that we encounter on daily bases. We focus on Prevention of diseases and Integrating the best from Western Medicine along with the best from Natural and Alternative treatments to achieve the best possible treatment. We will also guide you to the correct lifestyle changes and the types of supplements that your body needs. Recent research shows that we can change gene expression and prevent disease by just eating the right foods (See Dr. Mark Hyman, MD). Here are some of the options you can explore at Dr. Ike’s.


Natural Blood Pressure reduction

Visit Dr. Ike’s Pharmacy and test drive Resp-e-Rate – an FDA approved, natural blood pressure reduction device. All you have to do is relax for 10-15 minutes 3 times a week and listen to a calming melody! That simple… Some of the supplements we recommend are Natto (Nattokinase), Bonito Peptide, Whey Protein, Grape Seed Extract, Aged Garlic Extract, etc)

Natural Diabetes Care

Natural Diabetes Care

Herbs and natural supplements have been used for years as very effective alternative treatments and prevention for diabetes. Without undermining the importance and effectiveness of RX medications we will teach you about alternative treatments to better control your diabetes and prevent long term complications such as Diabetic Neuropathy, Circulation problems, Eye issues. We offer Pre-Diabetes Screening which will tell you how close you are to developing Diabetes, and we will give you a simple supplement and food program to reverse your progression towards this deadly disease. If RX meds are not for you then look into products such as CM Core™ from Ortho Molecular. In several studies it showed similar blood glucose reduction to Metformin® and Avandia®.  Other successful supplements commonly used are Alpha Lipoid Acid, Fenugreek, Vanadium, GTF Chromium, Glucomannan and more…

natural_cholesterol_reductionNatural Cholesterol Reduction

We hear every day about the nutritional supplements, foods, vitamins that will lower your cholesterol. Not only we offer screening for your Cholesterol levels (LDL, HDL, Triglycerides), but also we will show the proper way to manage your cholesterol. Some of the success stories include our patients who have tried Bergamot, Red Yeast Rice, Plant Sterols, Guggal Gum, EPA or DHA omega 3’s, etc.

natural_pain_managementNatural Pain Management

Herbal and Nutriceutical supplements may give you relief from migraines, arthritis, nerve pain,and muscle spasms. Herbs such as Feverfew has been used very successfully for migraines and Hops extract has been shown to be as effective as NSAIDs for arthritis pain*. Magnesium taken orally in an absorbable form or applied topically will block the pain signal propagation and cause relaxation of the muscles. EPA from your Fish oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety qualities equal or better then some Prescription medications.  Petadolex brand of Butterbur has been used successfully to manage and prevent Migraine Headaches.

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