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It has been already proven and documented through various publications that RX medications cause significant depletion in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These depletions in turn can make your body to be more prone to infections, have poor wound healing, cause fatigue, and hair loss. The most commonly noted RX medication classes that are involved in depletion have been identified as Birth Controls, Anti-Cholesterol, Anti-Hypertensives, Steroids, Antidepressants, and Antibiotics.

nutrient depletion

Take Control

Take control over the harmful side effects of prescription medication

drug induced nutrient depletion

Common Causes

Birth Control Pills, Hormone Replacement, Ant-Cholesterol, Steroids, Antibiotics, Anti-Hypertesnives

natural supplements fight nutrient depletion

Natural Supplements

We can help you put the depleted nutrients back into your system

Dr. Ike has been studying these depletions and their damaging effect on your body since 2005 and now is glad to inform you that with every prescription medication you fill, you will be informed about the best way to Replenish the Nutrients, Control side effects, and Protect your body/organs from further damage.

For Example, taking birth controls pills even for 1 month can cause depletion of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Ca, Mg, Zn,and folic acid. We can recommend you the specific products that will help put these vitamins and minerals back into your system, and the best part is – you only need to take these supplements about 3-4 times a year.

The other important aspect to remember is that RX medications do effect specific organs and protecting those organs should be a priority. Good example is the well known negative effects of NSAIDs (Motrin, Celebrex, Indomethacin, Naproxen) on kidneys and damaging effects of STATINs (Lipitor, Simvastatin, Crestor, etc) on liver. We will teach you about the supplements that you should consider when taking these prescription medications.

We can help you put the depleted nutrients, vitamins, and minerals back into your system

We have a Solution!

Dr. Ike has created a line of supplements called cpRx™ (Control, Protect, Replenish) that is targeted to fight back drug induced nutrient depletion and protecting your body. There is a cpRx™ for most common drug classes  with specific targeted nutrients  to replenish the depleted nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, back into your system.  The formula not only replenishes the nutrients it controls the common side effects such as Headaches, Nausea, Low Libido, Swelling, etc. of the specific prescription medication that you take.  It also protects your organs and organ systems against the damaging effects of the targeted prescription medication.  cpRx™ is the complete solution and a perfect complement to be taken with your Prescription Medications.

Want to know what YOUR specific levels of Vitamins/Minerals/Antioxidants? We offer the most comprehensive screening for Nutritional balance, which will tell you your specific needs of each vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, fatty acids, etc. Look at a sample report here (Sample Report). Once we get your test result we can Custom Formulate a formula which will give you all the daily requirements that you need. Imagine being balanced Nutritionally and Hormonally.  Learn More